How to Find Jeans that Fit

Ladies: how difficult is it to find jeans that fit? Some squish your butt, some give you muffin top, and others give you whale tale. Many women struggle with this. It’s so frustrating. To compound the problem, companies trick you into buying their clothing using vanity sizing. Companies like Liz Claiborne, Gap and Target use it. One minute you’re a 4, next you’re an 8. It’s a time waster and a self-esteem destroyer; no matter how hard you try you can’t find anything that looks good.

So how do you begin to find jeans that fit your body type?

Forget about size.

According to WebMD, SizeUSA director Jim Lovejoy used a body scanner and took electronic measurements of 10,000 Americans and their measurements were used to create a model of today’s “average” body.

Guess what. It’s not the same body type you see on mannequins in the store. But ladies; we all know we’re not made the same.

So how do you work around it?

Here’s a quick tips for multiple body types on elements to look for to create personal style, regardless of size.

For Plus Sized Women

Look for a slightly flared boot-cut style with in a medium rise with stretch. Skip “whiskering,” rhinestones and other embellishments.

For Muffin Top

Look for a mid-rise style that is loose enough to contain midsections. Look for a wide waistband with room for your middle. Shop in the women’s department. Skip the junior’s section.

For Mom Butt

Try padding. Skip flat pockets.

For Highwaters

Boot-cut jeans that come in different lengths. Get some.

For Hour Glass Shapes

Look for jeans that are fitted in the hips with straight legs and a little stretch with a high waist line.

For Long Waisted Ladies

Buy high waist jeans with hidden elastic sewn inside. Skip the tight pants.

For Pear Shapes

Choose straight styles.

For Large Hips

Get straight hanging legs in a dark wash in a trouser cut.

For Petites

Get wide-leg jeans that are fitted through the thigh, and have them tailored. Nix capris.

Again, if you remember nothing else, it’s not the size that’s important. It doesn’t determine your worth.

It’s how it fits that matters.

Need help? I know just the person to call.


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