Eight Out of 10 Women Are Doing This Wrong: Are You?

What’s the one thing you can do to totally revamp your look?

Purchase spectacular bras. Out of anything you purchase this will be one of your best investments. Get fitted from a bra specialist and if your weight fluctuates, get sized more frequently. I like Victoria’s Secret. It’s free and they’re specialists. Don’t pretend their measurement isn’t accurate. Eighty percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. You’re probably 8 of out 10 women. It doesn’t mean you’re foolish, it just means you weren’t educated on this before. Now you are. Do something about it. Keep them in the holster. Make sure it fits.

Wear a bra for heaven’s sake. I don’t care what size you are, wear a stinkin’ bra. You’ll get more respect if they’re not wagging around like a dog’s tongue on a hot summer day.

Better still don’t get one bra, get two: a black one and a beige one.

You’re going to pay a few bucks and it’s worth every dollar. Because when your girls aren’t hanging around like a tennis ball in a sock, people are going to take you more seriously. They’ll look you in the eye. When you’re pitching a great idea and you’ve got high beams, no one is listening to you because they’re in a staring contest. When a simple jog down the street becomes a game of hacky sack, you’ve got a problem.

You’re walking around all the time with two loaded guns so you’d better make sure you’ve got the safety on and that they’re in their holster.

Here’s the skinny on the basics.

• T-shirt bras are molded and it looks smooth under snug shirts.
• Soft cups don’t have any underwire. They’re comfortable but they don’t offer any support.
• Underwire bras have a flexible metal or plastic wire that lift, separate and support the girls.
• Push-ups have padding that can be in different places that push the ladies together.
• Padded bras make boobs appear larger.
• Minimizer bras provide compression shaping which shrinks the appearance of bigger ones.
• Strapless bras are a bandeau style that goes under outfits where you don’t want straps to show. They may or may not come with underwire.
• Demi cups just barely cover your nipples.

Ask a bra specialist for recommendations. You’re probably not a good judge of which bra you should be purchasing.

Why? Because eight out of 10 of you are doing it wrong now and it’s hard to change habits without a little intervention.


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