Ruby, Inc. Helps Working Mother Build Wardrobe Basics

Today Ruby, Inc. received this lovely testimony from L. Stuck in a similar situation at L? I know just who to call.

Last weekend, I met with Jasmine of Ruby, Inc. to discuss new purchases I wanted to make. As a work at home artist, my needs have been minimal. My work clothes consist of thrift store tops and pants because paint ends up on whatever I’m wearing.

As I’ve gotten older, my size has changed (weight gain and shifts) and most of the items in my closet fit badly or not at all. When events come up that I need to be dressed better for, I’ve been scrambling for what to wear. Even going to church is a challenge because nothing looks right. As long as I needed to update my wardrobe, I decided to go for things that are versatile, separates that would give me choices without taking an hour to put together.

Jasmine took measurements and asked some questions about what I liked and felt comfortable in. I made selections from samples she assembled to find which style suited me best and we learned I love classic pieces like Annie Hall. 

We started at Victoria’s Secret for undergarments, then because we were on a budget, we went to Goodwill. Jasmine suggested v-neck tops with long lines, simple threads at the top. 

While I didn’t make many purchases at that time except for a few sweaters and bras that fit me perfectly, I now have the tools to make choices that will serve me well as I rebuild my wardrobe. She supplied me with a written plan which included a list of basics I should work on accumulating.

It was a fun experience as well as an education in an area I’ve given too little thought to in the past. “Hit and miss” has been my shopping motto, which is an expensive way to go.

I will make clothing items more of an investment as they will be worn for a long time and I know that I don’t have to spend a lot of money to acquire a fabulous wardrobe

Thanks Ruby, Inc.!



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