Ruby, Inc. Helps Women With Eating Disorders

I received this touching testimonial from M. an exceptional young woman. I admire her bravery. Ruby, Inc.’s goal is to teach women that their worth is far above rubies.

M. is proof of that.

As a woman who struggles with a negative self-body image and low self-esteem, (I’m in recovery from an eating disorder) I greatly appreciated Jasmine from Ruby, Inc.‘s enlightenment on proper fit and the right undergarments.

She’s helping me learn to accept my new, healthy body!

My body isn’t “wrong”… some of my clothes just don’t fit my current figure.

During our time together, I was frequently discouraged in the fitting room but Jasmine was right there cheering me on and offering words of encouragement.

Jasmine from Ruby, Inc. was patient and supportive when I was on the verge of a melt-down.

Afterward, I needed a couple of days to process all that I learned and experienced. During that time she was called to check on me to make sure all was well with me. So thoughtful!

I’m a work in progress and Jasmine helped me take a big step in the right direction.


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