How to Feel Beautiful in the Dressing Room

Each year, women make New Year’s Resolutions filled with good intentions and high hopes and then abandon their dreams. Don’t let this be just another year, filled with a list of goals that you’ll soon forget. Discover how to make this the year to feel beautiful, develop self-worth and have the courage to go after your goals.

In this post you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop the courage to go after what you want
  • Set goals with your wardrobe so you can revamp your look without breaking the bank
  • Finally feel pretty and reclaim your sense of self-worth

So often I hear women complaining that they would change their look if only they could. They say they’ll do it when their kids leave the house, when they get more time, more money and more self-confidence. They say they’ll do it when they get back in shape, get a new haircut or get that next big promotion. They’ll do it for their 30th birthday, their 40th birthday, or their 50th birthday.

But they never get around to it.


Simply they’re afraid. They’re afraid to look in the mirror. They’re afraid to change. They’re afraid to grow. They’re afraid to spend money. They’re afraid of change. They’re afraid of the truth.

Fear is a normal, healthy reaction induced by a perceived threat. It’s a basic survival mechanism that causes stimulates a flight or fight response. But what they’re facing isn’t fear. This is anxiety. Fear happens when there is a real danger. Anxiety, on the other hand, happens when there isn’t a real threat.

There is nothing threatening about standing in front of the mirror, yet I see so many women get anxious at the thought of it. That bit of cellulite, that whisker, that uneven breast, that stretch mark that you think is inconceivable will not harm you.

But you are harming your sense of self-worth by fixating on it.

There are simple fixes to the problems you’ve blown up in your mind. Got cellulite? Wear Spanx. Have a mustache? Buff it. Uneven breasts? Get a Victoria’s Secret Memory Foam Bra. Have a stretch mark or scars? They’re proof that you’ve grown, that you’ve dared to take a risk and that you have more character today than when you did before you had them. Embrace it.

See, the problem isn’t your body. It’s your thought process. If everything you’re thinking has gotten you to this point in your life and you’re unhappy with the results, try the opposite.

You’re beautiful. Start embracing it. Start by looking in the mirror and letting yourself fixate on what’s beautiful about you. Perhaps it’s your eyes, your teeth, or your smile. Maybe you have a gorgeous birthmark, delicate hands or a lovely collar bone.

Love it. It’s yours.

Now here’s the secret that you often forget about when you’re standing in the dressing room, alone, staring in the mirror. You’re not really alone. That same feeling of insecurity that sweeps over you when you look at your reflection happens to every single woman at some point in her life. We all have moments of insecurity, of longing for another body, another face, another something. Someone else envies us all for something, too. There’s someone out there who wishes she were you.

Now once you start thinking this way, it’s important to learn how to dress for your body type.

Once you know your body type, start investing in the basics that flatter the most beautiful areas of your body and adorn them with items that are valuable just like you are.

Look for cashmere, wool, silk, denim and linen just to name a few. Other fabrics include chambray, satin, silk, and seersucker and then stock your closets with these essential items:

  • White button down
  • Little black dress
  • Black stilettos
  • Spanx or Assets
  • Little white dress
  • Khakis
  • Driving shoe
  • Crisp suit
  • Black tights
  • Trench coat
  • Trousers
  • Cashmere cardigan
  • Dark wash jeans
  • White jeans
  • Pencil skirt
  • Shift dress
  • Ballet flats
  • Overcoat

You don’t have to buy everything at once. Just work on one piece at a time as you can afford it. A little here and a little there, over time adds up to a stellar wardrobe that works for your body. You don’t have to break the bank to do it. You can save money in the process. Set a goal for one item at a time.

Then when you buy it, don’t forget to twirl once you get it on. You probably haven’t twirled since you were a little one but it’s a distinctly girly behavior. Youngsters  twirl when they’re happy, when they feel beautiful when they feel confident. You deserve a good twirl now and again because you are beautiful, you will be happy and you can develop confidence.

You just have to be brave enough to get past your anxiety and push through the resistance inside of your head to get there.

What’s going to happen when you muster up the courage to do this? For some women it saved their marriage; others learned how to age gracefully, and still others learned shop for clothing at a bargain.

Need help? I know just the person to call.


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