5 Ways to Become More Stylish

1. Find what’s beautiful:

  • Identify your strongest threads. You have something about you that’s beautiful. Focus on it. Revel in it. Highlight it with your clothing choices. Perhaps it’s a great smile, beautiful hands, lovely cheeks or bright eyes. Play up your strengths.
  • Find articles of clothing that highlight your best features. If you’ve got gorgeous eyes, find the right colors that make them pop.
  • Draw upon your strengths everyday. Wear one item each day that highlights what you find most attractive. Grow your greatest strengths. We can hide perceived flaws later, but right now, if you can’t look at yourself and find one gorgeous attribute, the problem isn’t on the outside, it’s in your head.

2: Hide your weaknesses:

  • Maybe you think your pear shape is a hindrance. Perhaps you’re not a fan of your arms, your bosom or your middle. It’s okay. We all have something about ourselves that we wish we could change. Identify it.
  • Do not ignore it; cover it up. The trick is to highlight what’s beautiful about your particular body type and camouflage what isn’t our favorite.
  • No one has a perfect body. Everyone has at least one attribute that they wished they didn’t possess. Perhaps it’s a mole, a whisker, a bit of cellulite or uneven breasts. We’ve all got something interesting.

3. Evaluate your values and lifestyle:

  • Do you work hard and get dirty? Maybe a white ensemble isn’t the best for you. Look at what you do every day and decide how you want to be perceived as you move through your environment. Dress in such a way that you get to demonstrate your personal values, celebrate your body and are comfortable.
  •  It’s just as important to find clothing that works for your body type, as it is to find clothing that you can live and work in and feel confident.

4. Draw correlations between your values and style:

  • Commit yourself to dressing for your values. If you believe that you’re worth far above rubies don’t go hanging all out of your clothes, showing off what it precious. You can still be sexy, smart and stylish without showing everything.
  • You’re not going to find the perfect item every time you shop. Don’t compromise on something that doesn’t make you feel exquisite. You’re not going to be okay with just, bleh, anymore. You’re worth more than that.
  • You’ll find a way to find the items that are important to you, your values and your lifestyle.
  • Remember that the way you dress reveals to others how you feel about yourself.

5. Create a support system:

  • Create genuine relationships. If you have people around you who are constantly putting you down, do you really need them in your life?
  • You’re smart, beautiful and valuable. Do you have people in your life who remind you of this?
  • Be prepared for naysayers. They may tell you you’re not good enough, smart enough, or pretty enough for this. But you are. You’re valuable. Celebrate it.
  • Need help? Reach out.

Adapted from LaRae Quy, former FBI agent turned blogger of Your Best Adventure.


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