Struggling to Shop? You’re Not Alone

I have always hated going clothes shopping, especially with other people because I have a hard time sorting through the racks of clothes due to my lack of fashion sense. I really was never taught the basics about dressing, but I have always known what look I have wanted.

I went shopping with Jasmine Grimm, from Ruby, Inc. She was awesome! I was nervous at first because I thought I would annoy her with my indecision and insecurities, but she was understanding and extremely patient. I love her constant positive reinforcement and that she taught me how to choose the right clothes for my body type. I learned about some cuts that are made for different body types and how much an accessory can improve a look. She even taught me a few simple and easy ways to do my hair that will add to my classic look.

Jasmine was professional, non-judgmental and understanding. Another great part about Ruby, Inc.’s services is that she really knows how to stretch a dollar. In this economy, even the wealthy try to hold on to their hard earned money and knowing where to find great brand name items for a heck of a deal is a plus! I feel that I will look great when I go to NYC for the stock market closing bell next week.

Thank you so much Jasmine. Your services are extremely valuable to me and I look forward to using your services in the future.

Dali Rivera, Founder and CEO, ERS, LLC

P.S. Best of all, even her husband, Henry, gushed about her new look.

P.S.S. Here’s a photo of the lovely Dali after a Ruby, Inc. styling at the New York Stock Exchange. She’s the one in purple.


4 thoughts on “Struggling to Shop? You’re Not Alone

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