Case Study

Case Study: Working Mother of Toddlers Revamps Style in 90 Minutes

The Challenge

Can a working mother of two toddlers, change her style in 90 minutes with a $200 clothing budget without becoming discouraged?

Dali Rivera, working mother of two toddlers and founder of Elite Revolutionary Solutions, didn’t understand the basic elements of style nor did she understand that certain clothing is best worn on certain body types. She was apprehensive about going into the dressing room for fear that clothing wouldn’t fit and that she would be wasting her time and money on herself to try to create a look that she believed she could not achieve. Rivera was asked to ring the closing bell on Wall Street thanks to the Entrepreneurial Boot Camp for Veterans with Disabilities at Syracuse University and wanted to begin to change her look now so she could feel more polished as an entrepreneur and boost her confidence.

Could a personal stylist meet her needs so Rivera could realize there is no perfect body type, combat her negative body issues, save time, save money, find comfortable clothes and do it without breaking the bank?

Results: Rivera Saved Time and Money While Purchasing Eight Timeless Items

Per the client’s request as she was on a $200 budget, Rivera went with Ruby, Inc. to TJMaxx, a store that offers designer and brand name fashion for women, men, teens, kids and babies for up to 60 percent off department store prices, every day. Rivera learned that certain cuts are designed to flatter certain body types. She learned to appreciate that if garments were unflattering it wasn’t that her body was flawed but that the clothing wasn’t cut for her particular body.

Rivera is a 30-something mother of two, who is roughly 5’3” and wanted to find clothing that flattered her arms, chest and stomach. She aimed for a classic style where she wouldn’t have to follow the latest trend every month. Rivera learned that clothing should skim the body, and that she would create a simple wardrobe of classic pieces and then experiment with accessories. She learned to search for cashmere, wool, cotton, silk, denim and linen. She learned to highlight her clear olive skin tone and deep eyes by choosing colors such as medium grey, charcoal, black, pewter, black brown, pure white, icy grey, taupe, icy blue, emerald turquoise, violet, purple and more.

Rivera purchased classic items such as deep v-neck sweaters, long cardigans, and wrap tops. She learned how to shop for jeans that she would wear at work and home in a flat front, dark wash and learned how to lengthen her legs with heels and tailoring.

She didn’t feel embarrassed by the process and was excited to try on and purchase the garments.

The following are the results of the 90 minute shopping expedition:

• Rivera purchased classic items in 90 minutes and stayed within $4 of her budget.
• Rivera purchased flat front, dark wash denim trousers that didn’t pinch her waist and flattered her behind.
• She learned to purchase v-neck sweaters in a size larger than needed and then have them tailored to cover her bosom while showing off her assets.
• She purchased a Nicole Miller silk scarf as a multipurpose accessory as well as 100 inch pearls.
• Rivera scored multiple long and short cardigans, and learned to mix and match the elements for enough outfits to last a week.
• Rivera did not become frustrated during the experience and was surprised at how quickly it can be to shop for a new wardrobe in a style she longed to possess.

Lessons Learned

• It’s not hard to see the appeal of a classic style. Done right, it’s timeless.
• It’s important to put a personal twist on a classic style. Rivera chose a silk scarf and long pearls to jazz up her wardrobe and is making it a personal signature.
• Classic styles are easy to incorporate in a working mother’s wardrobe because the elements are easy to mix and match.
• A good bra is critical to developing a lady-like look.
• Going in with a game plan saves time and money.
• Brown and black heels are a staple.
• Loafers need not be boring. Unconventional colors add a pop of color.
• Structured bags in classic colors like black, beige and brown work with all outfits.
• Long pearl strands can be repurposed into belts.
• Color is a critical element of style.
• Fabric choices and cut directly impact personal style.
• Classic need not be boring.


Style boosts a woman’s confidence.
• It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to develop style.
• Working mothers can look well put together in a short amount of time and with limited financial resources.
• Shopping with a personal stylist at Ruby, Inc. makes women realize there is no perfect body type, combats negative body issues, saves time, saves money, finds comfortable clothes and is able to achieve these goals without costing a fortune.
• Money spent up front on a personal stylist saves money long term.
• Shopping with a personal stylist eliminates frustrations.
• Personal stylists can teach simple hairstyles that busy mothers can do at home.
• Personal stylists are, for the client, a well-valued investment that a woman can make in herself.
Ruby, Inc.’s teachings help working mothers break through barriers that stop them from believing that her worth is far above rubies.

Here is a a photo of the lovely Rivera at the New York Stock Exchange after a Ruby, Inc. styling. She’s the one in purple.



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