Just imagine.

There’s a knockout just waiting to be revealed.

You’re that woman.

If you could look like anyone in the world would you like to have a style a la Bridget Bardot with her slightly messy, classic-look? Would you go for Lauren Bacall’s regal beauty? Would you morph yourself into Diane von Furstenberg or Allie McGraw? What about a minimalist such as Sophia Coppola or a fashionista like Corine Roitfeld?

What would you look like? Imagine it.

Now give yourself the permission to go after it.

I know your life is busy—work, friends, and family. So when are you going to have time to do this?

Perhaps you feel as though you’ll get around to it when you attain certain size or shape. Perhaps you feel like this little piece about you is a bit off, and once it’s corrected then you’ll change. Maybe there’s a a bit of cellulite, a wrinkle, a whisker that you can’t get past. Perhaps you’re afraid that you’ll never feel pretty enough, skinny enough, perfect enough to pull it off. Maybe you think there’s something wrong with your life if you can’t fit into a certain size. You feel you’re not worth it because you’re not the same size you were 20 years ago. Or maybe you think it’s hopeless, and that you’ve never been pretty and you’ll never be so there’s no point in trying it anyway.

But you’re wrong.

You’re not going to get around to doing it when you lose five pounds, or when the kids are out of the house or when you stop being afraid of the fact that you should have done this 20 years ago. You’re not going to get around to it after you get the big promotion, your next paycheck, or after you’re done cleaning the house.

You’re going to do it now or it’s never going to be important enough to you to make time to do it.


You’re a Knockout


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