Proof That a Good Bra Changes Everything

It’s amazing when clients come in and really learn from the styling experience. F. is a great example of that:

Dear Ruby, Inc.,

I wanted to tell you that I recently made my first purchases since our styling session. A properly fitting bra really does make a difference in how clothing looks!

I looked only at the 50-70 percent off racks at Christopher & Banks.

I tried on several tops, looking for v necks with long lines. I purchased a sweater, a velvety v neck tunic length top in a muted print in colors you suggested and a longish v neck cardigan to be worn with a shell or short sleeved sweater underneath.

I’m looking for things I can use for a long time and your advice helped me make better choices than I have in the past.

Thank you for heading me in the right direction!


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Ruby Inc. Isn’t Just a Company

Ruby, Inc. isn’t just another company but you don’t have to take our word for it. We received this lovely bit of fan mail this week from Janine.

You didn’t just create a company; you’ve created a ministry. You’re going to transform how women see themselves and make them realize they have value. That’s incredible!

Want to learn more about what has Janine raving? Click here to find out more.


How to Find Jeans that Fit

Ladies: how difficult is it to find jeans that fit? Some squish your butt, some give you muffin top, and others give you whale tale. Many women struggle with this. It’s so frustrating. To compound the problem, companies trick you into buying their clothing using vanity sizing. Companies like Liz Claiborne, Gap and Target use it. One minute you’re a 4, next you’re an 8. It’s a time waster and a self-esteem destroyer; no matter how hard you try you can’t find anything that looks good.

So how do you begin to find jeans that fit your body type?

Forget about size.

According to WebMD, SizeUSA director Jim Lovejoy used a body scanner and took electronic measurements of 10,000 Americans and their measurements were used to create a model of today’s “average” body.

Guess what. It’s not the same body type you see on mannequins in the store. But ladies; we all know we’re not made the same.

So how do you work around it?

Here’s a quick tips for multiple body types on elements to look for to create personal style, regardless of size.

For Plus Sized Women

Look for a slightly flared boot-cut style with in a medium rise with stretch. Skip “whiskering,” rhinestones and other embellishments.

For Muffin Top

Look for a mid-rise style that is loose enough to contain midsections. Look for a wide waistband with room for your middle. Shop in the women’s department. Skip the junior’s section.

For Mom Butt

Try padding. Skip flat pockets.

For Highwaters

Boot-cut jeans that come in different lengths. Get some.

For Hour Glass Shapes

Look for jeans that are fitted in the hips with straight legs and a little stretch with a high waist line.

For Long Waisted Ladies

Buy high waist jeans with hidden elastic sewn inside. Skip the tight pants.

For Pear Shapes

Choose straight styles.

For Large Hips

Get straight hanging legs in a dark wash in a trouser cut.

For Petites

Get wide-leg jeans that are fitted through the thigh, and have them tailored. Nix capris.

Again, if you remember nothing else, it’s not the size that’s important. It doesn’t determine your worth.

It’s how it fits that matters.

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If you’ve read the post “Eight Out of 10 Women Are Doing This Wrong: Are You?” and you’ve followed the rules that means your girls are in place. This means you’re one step closer to your vision. What vision, you ask?

We covered that in “How to Begin to Develop Your Own Sense of Style” if you need a refresher.

Once you’ve got the image in your head let yourself have it.

Sarah Jeanette Duncan, from An American Girl in London said, “Clothes and courage have so much to do with each other.”

You’re getting braver. Embrace it.

First the vision, then the bra, and now the underpants (and if you’re wondering, it’s all about the Spanx, baby). Step by step you’re getting there.

Once you’ve got the basics covered it’s time to start working on the individual elements that make up the style you want to achieve. Maybe it’s a cashmere sweater. Maybe it’s an investment bag. Maybe it’s a pair of chintzy Aviators.

Now just imagine.

There’s a knockout just waiting to be revealed. You’ve just seen her. She’s here.

You’re that woman.

Go get her.

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I Got a New Bra, Now What?


Eight Out of 10 Women Are Doing This Wrong: Are You?

What’s the one thing you can do to totally revamp your look?

Purchase spectacular bras. Out of anything you purchase this will be one of your best investments. Get fitted from a bra specialist and if your weight fluctuates, get sized more frequently. I like Victoria’s Secret. It’s free and they’re specialists. Don’t pretend their measurement isn’t accurate. Eighty percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. You’re probably 8 of out 10 women. It doesn’t mean you’re foolish, it just means you weren’t educated on this before. Now you are. Do something about it. Keep them in the holster. Make sure it fits.

Wear a bra for heaven’s sake. I don’t care what size you are, wear a stinkin’ bra. You’ll get more respect if they’re not wagging around like a dog’s tongue on a hot summer day.

Better still don’t get one bra, get two: a black one and a beige one.

You’re going to pay a few bucks and it’s worth every dollar. Because when your girls aren’t hanging around like a tennis ball in a sock, people are going to take you more seriously. They’ll look you in the eye. When you’re pitching a great idea and you’ve got high beams, no one is listening to you because they’re in a staring contest. When a simple jog down the street becomes a game of hacky sack, you’ve got a problem.

You’re walking around all the time with two loaded guns so you’d better make sure you’ve got the safety on and that they’re in their holster.

Here’s the skinny on the basics.

• T-shirt bras are molded and it looks smooth under snug shirts.
• Soft cups don’t have any underwire. They’re comfortable but they don’t offer any support.
• Underwire bras have a flexible metal or plastic wire that lift, separate and support the girls.
• Push-ups have padding that can be in different places that push the ladies together.
• Padded bras make boobs appear larger.
• Minimizer bras provide compression shaping which shrinks the appearance of bigger ones.
• Strapless bras are a bandeau style that goes under outfits where you don’t want straps to show. They may or may not come with underwire.
• Demi cups just barely cover your nipples.

Ask a bra specialist for recommendations. You’re probably not a good judge of which bra you should be purchasing.

Why? Because eight out of 10 of you are doing it wrong now and it’s hard to change habits without a little intervention.


Ruby, Inc. Participates in the 2012 Harrisburg Polar Bear Plunge

Audrey Hepburn once said:
The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, but true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows.

At Ruby, Inc. we think part of realizing that your worth is far above rubies is lovingly giving back to the community, even if that means we have to don a bathing suit in the dead middle of winter and saunter into the icy cold water to prove it.

Jasmine, Ruby, Inc.’s founder, has been invited to participate in the 2012 Harrisburg Polar Bear Plunge to benefit the athletes of Special Olympics Pennsylvania.

It’s called “It’s Nice in the Ice” but we all know nothing is going to be nice about flitting around screaming in the icy cold water except that it’s going to be a huge benefit to the community. Yes, it’s freezing but it warms the founder’s heart to know that hypothermia is temporary and that in the wake there will be thousands of citizens with intellectual disabilities who will benefit from the experience.

Ruby, Inc. has set a fund raising goal of $300 and the company needs your help to get there. Jasmine isn’t asking you to take the plunge (unless you want to), but instead, she’s  asking if you will make a donation to Special Olympics Pennsylvania on her behalf.

Any amount would be appreciated.

Click here to make a donation.


Save Money, Look Thinner and Finally Become Confident in 2012

If you’re like most women, there are two things you probably have on your New Year’s resolution list:

  • Save Money
  • Lose Weight

If any of those two are on your list of current goals for 2012, you must take advantage of this opportunity to spend time with Jasmine from Ruby, Inc., live as a personal stylist.

Starting Saturday, Feb. 11, Jasmine will be conducting a one-on-one personal styling sessions showing you step-by-step, how to save money while dressing 10 pounds thinner.

But that’s not all…

Jasmine will also be giving you her biggest secrets to finding colors that work for your skin tone so that you can edit your wardrobe and make each piece look fabulous on you at a fraction of the cost.

This topic has been one of the most requested topics in recent months. With the economy still on the rocks, global instability and inflationary concerns and ever increasing costs of living, can you really afford not to get this information for you?

If you think you can wait until later… guess again.

Jasmine booked up the entire week month of January within a day and if you miss this opportunity, it may be months before you can request and book a styling.

Learn to Dress Like a Million Bucks for Less than $100 In Record Time!

This is your chance to learn Ruby, Inc.’s proven system to look like you’ve lost 10 pounds while saving thousands. (If you don’t need or want to lose weight, trust me you do not want to let that stop you from taking advantage of this live training with Ruby, Inc.)

She will teach you her proven dress for your body type system, in step-by-step detail. This is the system Jasmine and her clients have used save thousands, develop personal style and look 10 pounds thinner. Now its your turn!

Women, from all over Lancaster County, have been requesting this information for months.


Ruby, Inc. is accepting appointments beginning Feb. 11, 2011 on a first come first serve basis.

Click here to e-mail Jasmine to request an appointment or call 717-517-8266.

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Learn

  • reduce stress
  • realize there is no perfect body type
  • combat women’s negative body images
  • save time
  • learn to replenish the basics
  • find clothing that really works for them
  • shop for special events
  • improve comfort
  • boost confidence
  • develop style without breaking the bank


Ruby, Inc. is accepting appointments beginning Feb. 11, 2011 on a first come first serve basis.

Click here to e-mail Jasmine to request an appointment or call 717-517-8266.