Who Is Going to Be Styling Me?

Everyone has a unique story to share. Initially, Jasmine, Ruby, Inc.’s founder, faced a number of challenges. Her family business went under when she was in middle school, and as a result, her family was strapped. When she was in seventh grade, she knew her family was unable to afford new school clothing for her, so she went into her parents’ basement and gathered their garments from the ’60s and ’70s, cobbled together a few eclectic outfits and hoped for the best.

Teachers asked her why she was rebelling; students teased her for her appearance.

She learned that she could either be embarrassed or embrace it.

She chose the latter.

Consequently, she started buying her own clothes from a young age. She learned how to shop for high end designers at Goodwill, the difference between trends and investment pieces, and the quintessential difference between following the crowd and developing a personal sense of style. Instead of accepting being teased for looking different and admitting to others that she was poor, Jasmine rewrote her own history and by the time she was 20, not only had she put herself through school on a full-tuition scholarship for English and Mass Communication, she had landed a gig at National Geographic Television and Film, named one of the trendiest companies in Washington, D.C.

In the years since, Jasmine has graduated from Syracuse University’s Whitman J. School of Management with a certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies and Small Business Management.

She’s been nominated multiple times for Central Penn Business Journal’s “Top 40 Under 40,” and The Lancaster Chamber’s 2011 ATHENA Award. She was named editor-in-chief of Connections, a fully digital magazine awarded silver for the 2010 Pearl Award for “Best Web Writing.” She’s been a popular guest lecturer at the Maastricht Institute of Entrepreneurship where she educated students and entrepreneurs about creating digital magazines from the ground up and her content has appeared in numerous media outlets including reprints at Harvard University.

She became active with StubbyDog, an organization whose sole purpose is to disseminate content that will help change public perceptions of pit bulls. She turns pit bulls into KPETS certified therapy dogs for Hospice of Lancaster County, domestic abuse shelters, and inner city after school programs. Jasmine has been nominated for the Jefferson Award and the Henry C. Brandt Volunteer of the Year Award. She also practices Krav Maga and Crossfit.


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